Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you are undocumented & unsure about what the future holds, why should you go to college?

The question below is a common one asked by a lot of undocumented students, so I wanted to take a few moments to respond.  Check out the question below posted by an undocumented student and then my response.  If you are an undocumented college student who is reading this post, please feel free to provide your own response to this question.

"i know you guys are trying to get us all to go to college and i appreciate that. but i can't help to wonder what's the sense of doing that? my parents are illegal and so am i and my two brothers. i work since 8th grade and now i'm in 11th and going to college seems ridiculous given that i won't be able to pay for it or get a job after i graduate. My question is why bother? i thought for sure by now the dream act would've passed but it seems impossible for it to be approved."

I realize that the question above is a common one among undocumented students, particularly at a time in our country when the issue of immigration and undocumented immigrants is so controversial.  However, there are many undocumented students in the U.S. who have been here for most of their lives and worked very hard to do well in school and get to college.  Many of the undocumented students I work with have asked themselves this same question and here is their answer. 

While the DREAM Act has still not been passed, we get closer every year.  One day it will pass and when it does, I will have my college education and be able to reach my professional goals.  Why waste time now, when I could be continuing my education?  There was a time in our country's history when we didn't have state policies to make college more affordable for undocumented students and now in some states we do, so change is possible.

I know many undocumented students who have earned a Bachelors degree, Masters degree, and some are even in law school or pursuing a Ph.D.  I don't think that any of these students believe they are wasting their time.  In fact, many of them have significantly broadened their support networks by continuing their education.  These support networks have assisted the students in raising the funds they need to pay for their education and in some cases have even helped these students find paid internships and other work opportunities.

If you have questions or would like more information on this topic, please let me know!


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  3. Hey Goury, thanks for sharing your great story! It will surely inspire a lot of students to keep going!

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