Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Undocumented? You can attend and pay for college!

Are you beginning to despair because you think you won’t be able to afford college? Think again! There are thousands of undocumented students around the country who have been very successful raising the funds necessary to pursue higher education, even to attend elite colleges!  Their common denominator? They are great networkers.
What is “networking” you may ask?  Networking is the way in which individuals make mutually beneficial connections with others.  For example, many successful undocumented college students participate in clubs, community service, and other on-campus programs where they build relationships with peers, staff, faculty, and community members who can help them when it comes time to fundraise for college. 
This blog will walk you through the various activities that can help you raise the money you need to fulfill your college dreams. I will hold your hand until you have figured out the way. I will help connect you with useful organizations. I will point you in the direction of resources available to you.
If you are undocumented and want to know more about how to network and fundraise for college, post your questions here.  If you are an undocumented student who has been successful networking or raising money in your state, please share your tips and advice so other students can benefit from your experience!
Let’s meet back here next week.


  1. How could I get started? I participate in clubs, and also in community service. I've already been accepted to college but it's hard for me to find scholarships.

  2. Erika - What state are you in? What college are you planning to attend? With a bit more information I can give you better advice. Also, please see my most recent blog where I list a variety of strategies that may be helpful when you apply for scholarships. Follow this blog for additional fundraising tips and options that I wil be posting in the next few weeks.

    Since you are involved in various activities, begin developing a list of the people you have built relationships with through these activities. These are the people that make up your personal network and who may be able to provide you with assistance and support as you move through college.

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